Do you want to advance your career, earn more and achieve greater employability?

Stop feeling stuck and gain the qualifications needed to fast track your future.

Do you lack qualifications to back up your experience? Do you secretly worry that your instincts are wrong because of this lack of training?

I was in your position. I worked in procurement roles without any training and wondered whether my instincts and processes were correct and in line with best practice theory.  This led to me constantly second guessing myself.  It did not help that I was young and was desperate to be taken seriously and advance in my career.

I took the plunge and started my CIPS training, and although it sounds cheesy, it changed my life. The CIPS training showed me that I did know what I was doing and gave me the theoretical models to back me up and give me more confidence in my role.  It also fast-tracked my career.  The month I finished my CIPS I was offered a job with a £17,000 pay rise.

This could be you! Imagine having the qualifications, the experience, and the confidence.  You will be a triple threat in the industry and have a stronger base from which to apply to new roles or achieve promotion.  Yes this training is a commitment, but nothing in life worth anything comes easy.   Invest in your future today…


Loved the learning approach

Jon Kelly - Director of Strategic Bids

Laura takes a blended learning approach to helping students prepare for the rigours of CIPS exams. Her charismatic style and well prepared materials equip students to learn in a modular style. The focus on individual learning objectives and regular tests helped me to cement the learning whilst working for time and was a key part in preparing me to pass all my exams.

Don't know where to start? We got you...

We will guide and support you through your CIPS studies

We offer an all inclusive service, where we book your exams and CIPS membership for you. Please get in touch and we can invoice you for this. Alternatively you can pay only for the training via the system. Our virtual learning platform has everything you need to pass your exams, all in one place which is easy to access and use.

System Taster Video

Have a peek into our virtual learning system

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Thank you!

Emma Forth

Having just received my MCIPS I want to give a big shout out and massive thanks to Laura. I would not have been able to achieve this without her. Her training is always insightful, relatable and enjoyable. She is always on hand if you need some support. Thanks for everything- forever grateful.


This is our virtual distance learning

What is included?

This is our virtual distance learning. We have designed the course to be self-paced and is designed like a virtual classroom with pre-recorded videos and then revision webinars.

  • Pre-recorded videos for each learning outcome

  • Presentations for every video to make notes

  • Revision sheets designed to cover the key areas from the module

  • Videos on the key models from the module

  • Exercises to cover the key models and content of the module

  • Assignments or quizzes depending on the module

  • Assignment marking by experienced CIPS assessors

  • Exam and revision techniques video and presentation

  • 1-2-1 Tutor support via calls or zooms

  • Mock exams and revision webinars

Why you should study with us

  • Edu-tainment

    Numerous research studies have found that laughter does help increase learning. One study identified that online classes are more rated by students more highly if they contain jokes and other humour, while a study claims that funny lectures are more effective lectures. Another study suggested that laughter can aid memory in adults. This is why we subscribe to edutainment. I understand that your attention span is much less than you think, so I try to tell you stories and bring in humour where I can to hold your interest. Learning does not need to be boring and the professional manufacturing widget examples will not be seen.

  • Micro-learning

    Microlearning is information delivered in small purposeful units. Broken down into small sections this means the learning can be better digested by the student. We have broken down our videos into small chunks for each learning outcome 1.1, 1.2, etc. to help our students retain the information for their exam. Not only this but we have created exercises and added YouTube videos for each outcome also. This will aid memory retention.

  • Expert Teaching

    Our tutors are experts in Procurement & Supply, plus they are also assessors and assessment authors, meaning they write and mark questions. This gives a 360 degree view of what is needed to pass your CIPS exams. Laura is also a neuroscience geek who understands how memory works to help you retain information and score highly in your exams!


Director of Training

Laura Scarfe

Laura is the founder and owner of Business Academy Online Ltd. Having a background in public and private sector procurement Laura has trained over 5000+ professionals in these areas over the 13 years she has been running her company. Specialising in CIPS procurement training, negotiation, and emotional intelligence, Laura has designed and delivered training programs for multi-million-pound companies including an organisation set up under UN Charter. Having received many accolades over the course of her career for her engaging style and innovative approaches to learning, Laura believes in the concept of edu-tainment, the fact that laughter leads to greater memory retention. A gifted storyteller, her programs are infused with passion, dynamism and humour. Through international negotiations, Laura became fascinated by human behaviour and in particular non-verbal interactions. Unintentionally insulting potential suppliers with her body language led her to studying human behaviour and create internationally recognised training courses in this area. She is one of the few trainers in the world to be a Paul Ekman Certified Trainer and has been featured numerous times on various BBC radio shows to analyse behaviour and give advice. Laura wants to help busy professionals, achieve their qualifications to help their employability, while also helping them understand and manage their emotions and relationships to improve their confidence. Her training aim is to ensure that they not only reach but surpass their potential. When not working you are most likely to find Laura travelling the world with her partner, especially to their favourite country South Africa, or at home with her animals, her miniature daschund Pepper and her cats.

Facebook Community

We have created a private community for CIPS students studying levels 3 (Advanced Certificate) through to 6 (Professional Diploma). We will be sharing exam and revision techniques, plus CIPS course content to help you master your CIPS exam and have a community to provide you with support.

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  • How do I sign up?

    There are two ways to purchase our training. 1. We can invoice you, and you can pay via BACS (For the all inclusive package this is the process we will need to follow) 2. You can purchase direct on the system using a corporate card.

  • What does the all inclusive package include?

    The all inclusive package includes your training costs, membership fee, exam costs and an admin fee

  • Are the books included?

    Books are not included, although we have revision sheets which are the key areas of the book. You can purchase these directly from or we recommended the profex books

  • Where can I sit my exams?

    There are two options. Our students can use the CIPS regional exam centres (available across the UK and the world). Or you can sit an exam remotely at home if you have a strong wifi. Remotes exams currently are slightly more expensive

  • How long do I have access to the system and BAO for?

    You have 18 months from the date that you have accessed the system.

  • How do I know when to sit my exams?

    When you sign up we provide you with a suggested study timetable for all modules you have purchased. If things change we can have a chat and amend this to meet your needs

  • Can I purchase just one module not the full level?

    Yes, each module is available to purchase individually. However you save money buying the bundle (a saving of almost £500)

  • How do I get in contact with BAO?

    We are available via text message, email, phone call or zoom. Once you let us know that you need a call or zoom we will arrange a suitable time for this. We are here for you!

  • How often will I hear from you?

    This is a professional training course, and we will not be stalking you. However we will check in once a month to make sure that everything is going well. Some students like to work away on their own, others want more contact - so we will respond to your needs. We are here to help and support you!

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